Friday, December 10, 2010

~Rachel Havanna 2010 Updates~

Hey Peeps! I am postin here Updates 4 Those who don't know about me & wanna see & read more,I have Bio & Updates in My Online model Port I have done alot this year in "Juggling" my Full time career as a Private independent Shop owner of 3 years as a Lmt. Also I have traveled,met LOTS of people,done Adult Exxxotica Convetion Booth modeling and Tour/2010 in Miami and Jersey.I am a part time Web Cam Model (Current is Girl Solo/Fetish) Soft core and sexxxy...

I enjoy meeting people and have been blessed to travel and start my modeling young at 13 as a teen for a Hobby,I was a Drill team dancer in school,Adult night club dancer while attending school and a waitress...My resume is Long as I am now a 30 plus (for life) Lol!...Model,Shop owner and Cam model that U will be seeing more in travels and video and less print due to my past field in Print and my websites in modeling launching and relaunching since 2004/05 It's Just that I am happier now in a "Simpler" yet Fun, and more profitable way of life as a model...I am content managing my career as a shop owner so I now limit travels to 3-4 monhs a year and keep the shop going as well as Cams and building a long term foundation...You can see me in MANY links: (2010 April Cover issue Print) (Blogs and features) (Rachel Havanna) Blog and Pix Features (Follow @CoolvsratedNext On Twitter)

Features in Web and many archives as far as mix cd's,radio shows,SayNow and more I post in Twitter and sometimes(When I feel like it... Myspace and Facebook :)

I cant wait to share 2011 w/ U all since I have met ALL my 2010 Resolutions,My 2011 New Years Resolutions are a TOTAL change and "Self-Positive" Growth.....Have a Blessed Almost 2010!
~Rachel Havanna~

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